Thursday, September 16, 2021

Missoula Meet Info

Missoula Meet Information
Saturday - September 18th

To download this information click: HERE

All athletes must meet at 6:45 AM at the Junior High. The bus departs promptly at 7:00 AM All athletes must ride the bus to participate. We will be outside all day so please pack accordingly! The weather is also looking like it may be a little chilly and wet. We will return back to the junior high around 5:00 PM or so.


12:20pm – Middle School Boys (Race 1.3 miles)

12:45pm – Middle School Girls (Race 1.3 miles)

Location: University Golf Course – 515 South Ave E., Missoula, MT

Course: The course is double flagged. Surface consists mostly of grass with small sections of dirt trail. Short spikes are recommended although racing flats are adequate. The course is moderate in difficulty with gradual incline/declines.

Awards: The awards ceremony will be at approximately 1:20pm. The meet will be giving awards out to the top 5 individuals in both girls and boys races.

Apres-race Meal: We will be having a team meal after the meet and the awards ceremony. The Junior High is paying for all of our athletes' meals. We would love for all athletes to attend this team bonding meal.

Bus Sign-out: After the meal parents or guardians listed as a contact with the school can sign out their runners. Parents can only sign out their child. We cannot release an athlete with a friend of the family as this is a liability issue with the school. If needed parents or guardians can sign a form with Mr. Cooper prior to the meet. You must have a copy of the form in order for us to release the student athlete.

Pack the following on Friday on the night before the race:
  • Running shoes
  • Racing jersey / uniform / shorts
  • Extra socks!!!
  • Rain gear (It’s supposed to be a little wet)
  • Winter Hat / Gloves (wet weather is cold weather)
  • Some type of backpack / duffle bag
  • Extra Layers of clothing
  • Healthy snacks or a light sandwich for the trip down and the trip back
  • Plenty of WATER to drink
  • Large Garbage bag to put packs / or gear into in case of rain to keep everything dry.
  • Some money (optional)

Monday, September 13, 2021

Missoula Mountain West Meet

Hi Everyone this week we are focused on the Missoula Mountain West meet. We had a little workout today to shake off the cobwebs from the weekend on “crappy hill” and we will have a nice long run tomorrow. 

This Friday we will run with the high school team and then a little later there will be a team dinner at the Peters’ residence. (More details to follow)

Bus Departure: Saturday all athletes need to be at the Junior High by 6:45 AM. The bus will leave promptly at 7:00 AM. All athletes must ride the bus if they wish to participate per school rules.


9:30a – JV Girls

10:15a – JV Boys

11:00a – Varsity Boys

11:45a – Varsity Girls

12:20p – Middle School Boys (Race 1.3 miles)

12:45p – Middle School Girls (Race 1.3 miles)

University Golf Course – 515 South Ave E., Missoula, MT

This is a classic cross country race on a relatively flat course that is over quick at 1.3 miles! I can’t wait to see the team run!

Team Meal: The school is paying for an apres-race meal for each athlete. I don’t know the budget yet per person but we are working out the particulars with Mr. Cooper. We will go to the Good Food Store most likely, as there is something for everyone there. Not to mention healthy too!

What to bring: In the past there has been rain at this meet, and it’s been down right cold. Rain gear, hat, gloves, extra socks, layered clothing, team warm-ups, racing jersey, running shoes, snacks for the trip down, a light lunch, and snacks for the trip back home on the bus, a garbage bag to store their pack just in case to keep everything dry! We will be outside from the time that we arrive until the time we leave. Please have your runner pack appropriately on Friday night. 

Bathroom Breaks: We will take a bathroom break in Polson on the trip down, and once again on the trip back up to CFalls. Your kiddos may want some folding money? 

If you need more info you can reach me at school by email or by phone.  

P.S. Next week is our home meet and we need a ton of volunteers! Jacki and I will put together a list of volunteer positions either tomorrow or Wednesday! 

I hope you are all well, and please stay safe and healthy!

All the best,

Coach Ritter and Coach Branstetter

Wednesday, September 8, 2021


Today we handed out uniforms. I wish I could say that they were fresh and new, but unfortunately some of these have seen better days. If your athlete was at practice today they should have at minimum a warm up top and bottom, and a racing top. 

I'm hoping next year we can appropriate new ones, but for now we have to make due. Trust me I ask every year! 

Athletes can wear their warm up tops to school on meet days only. Otherwise we have been instructed that the runners cannot wear them as a regular piece of clothing. 

We have limited sizing so I'm sorry in advance if they do not quite fit your child. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

First Hard Workout!

What a day! We did our first hard workout today! I have to say that these young runners are amazing! They put in a serious hard work out today! I’m sorry for having them back to you a little late. I promised them ice cream after the workout. So if they were late I’m super sorry. 

Please make sure your athletes hydrate and eat really well as it was pretty hot out there today we burned some calories for sure! (Even with the ice cream 😂)

If you have a foam roller please make sure they roll out their legs and shins. This will help curb injury and massage those tired muscles. Finally if anything is sore please elevate and ice.

Your kiddos are amazing and they showed today they are ready to compete on Friday! Our race is 1.5 miles and we ran 2.5miles in one group and close to 4 miles in our other group! I’m really proud of everyone! 

Thank you for allowing your budding distance runners to participate in cross country! 

First Meet - September 10th

Hello Cross Country Family, this is sort of long, but please read all of it! Important info at the end! 

I have firmed up our departure time for our first meet this Friday September 10th.

The bus will leave at 1:30 PM and we will go to Rebecca Farm located at1385 Farm to Market Rd, Kalispell, MT 59901.

Please bring a cowbell or your amazing cheering voice! Girls run at 3:30 PM and the Boys will run at 4:00. Just as a warning, in the past they have changed or flip flopped the starting times for girls and boys. 

Please make sure your athlete has hat, gloves, extra socks, extra t-shirt, and some snacks for before the race, and after the race. 

Your runner will also need a full water bottle. Uniforms will be handed out tomorrow. Please wash these in cold water, no bleach, and line dry. 

Athletes must ride the bus to all meets. Parents may sign out their athlete after the end of the both the girls and boys meet. Cross country is very a much a team sport, and we need to support each other. Only coaches can sign out your athlete. 

Just a reminder only a parent or guardian listed as a contact with the school can sign out an athlete. Otherwise all athletes will take the bus back to the Junior High. Other travel arrangements must be PRE-APPROVED by John Cooper with a signed copy of the permission form in hand. This ensures the safety of all athletes, and coaches. 

Finally, team dinner is this Thursday at 6PM at Marantette Park.

6th Grade = Desert / Plastic forks

7th Grade = Drinks / Cups

8th Grade = Fruit or Salad + dressing / Plates

Main Course = Coach Ritter - Homemade GF Pizza. - A GF non-dairy option will also be provided.  GF = Gluten Free

Please let Jacki and I know of any known food allergens so that we can look out for your athlete! 

Jacki and I are excited about the meet, and to watch everyone compete!

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Meet Time Change for Rebecca Farm Sept 10th

Hi XC Family, 

There is a time change for our meet on Friday Sept 10th at Rebecca Farm. The women's race will be at 3:30 and the young men will run at 4:00 PM. 

Also, we will be having a team dinner on Thursday Sept 9th at Marantette Park at 6 PM. More details will be coming so stay tuned!

If you would like to host a team dinner please let your athlete know so that they can reserve a spot, or mention it here! We generally have team dinners the night before each meet. Families can cohost etc. Just tell us what to bring! 

Team dinner dates: (These are rough dates, we are happy to accommodate when you can host!) Thank you!!!!!

Sept 9th - Coach Ritter - Marantette Park 6PM

Sept 17th - The Peters Family

Sept 23rd - The Burguiere Family

Sept 27th - Open

Oct 1st - Open

Oct 12th - Open