Monday, October 11, 2021

Final Meet - Glacier Invite

Well Everyone this Wednesday it will be our last meet of the season. This has been a great group, as we have seen a lot of records fall, and a whole lot of growth from the whole team this season! It’s truly been a privilege to work with your athletes! 

The Glacier Invite will be held at Rebecca Farm on Wednesday October 13th.

The Boys race will be at 1:00 PM and the Girls race will be at 1:30 PM.  

Please note, all athletes will not be signed out until after the girls meet is over. While we have individual performances it is the team that makes all of this possible. Many of us have been at it since July so please let’s let them have an amazing last competition, and cheer each other on. 

Also, after the meet athletes will turn in their team uniforms, sweats, etc. so please have your athlete pack extra clothes so they can change into those at the meet. 

Finally, team dinner:

Location: Parents, please email me for the location 

Date: Tuesday October 12th

Time: 6:00 - 7:30

Cajun Boil! (Main Dish)

(Chicken, potatoes, shrimp, corn on the cob, lemons, and onions)

8th Graders

Drinks and side dishes, cups, utensils 

6th / 7th Graders

Desserts, salads, fruit, paper plates 

Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Ice Cream / Costume Run Thank You

 Thank you to all of the parents who came and helped with our ice cream costume run! Also, thank you for being patient with us all season. Having close to 30 runners it can be tricky to get everyone back on some days before 5pm or 4 pm on Wednesdays.

Friday we will have our Inter-Squad meet so please be warned that our practice will last just a touch longer. 

Thank you for supporting our team and your athletes this season! It’s hard to believe we only have 4 practices left! Oh and not to mention one more meet! 

Thank you again for being patient and supportive!

Monday, October 4, 2021

Last Week Of Training

 Hi Everyone, It is really hard to believe that we are in our final week of training and that our last race of the season is next week! Here is a look at the rest of our week!

Tuesday 10/5

Long Steady Distance - Jacki and I will break the team into two groups. If your athlete is injured they may want to bring a bike to school so that they can still get a decent workout in. 

Wednesday 10/6

Annual Costume Ice Cream Run! All athletes MUST wear a costume in this run to Pinewood Park (The City Pool). I have some limited resources if you do not have some type of costume for your athlete. If any parents are available to scoop ice cream we would love to have you! I have latex gloves and a couple of ice cream scoops. I also have a few bowls, spoons, but I am short some ice cream cones. Donations gladly accepted!  Please note our practice may go a bit longer. 

Thursday 10/7

Scavenger Hunt - Easy Distance Run

Friday 10/8

Inter-squad Meet at the Veterans Home. Starts @ 4:00 PM. 

This meet is also open to all parents, and family (including your dog(s). However, a 2 minute penalty will be assessed if you fail to clean up after your animal!!! (no joking!) 

If you would like to be on a team with your athlete, help in anyway, or bring yummy snacks/drinks please see this form:

If members of the Incredible Herd would like to participate with us, and have a fun afternoon of easy distance we would love to have you! Please note that practice may go a bit longer. 

Polson Meet Results

 Here are the results from our meet in Polson this past Saturday. Also, here is the announcement that was read today in school.

Cross Country News 10/4

The cross country team traveled to Polson on Saturday and enjoyed some incredible weather, and an amazing race at the Polson Fairgrounds. 

In the girls race the team finished 5th with Ashley Andrews, Findley Dezzani, and Kaycee Orvis leading the way. They also recorded incredible times despite the challenging 2 mile course!

The top 7 for the girls were:

Ashley Andrews

Findley Dezzani

Kaycee Orvis

Chloe Kinsella

Isabel Burguiere

Casey Longstreth

Katelyn Guymon

In the boys race the team took a strong 3rd place. River Blazejewski, and Stimson Dolesh led the team with some strong times!

The top 7 for the boys were:

River Blazejewski

Stimson Dolesh 

Cosley Payne 

Cash Short

Kale Schaeffer

Noah Peters

Keian Moran 

The teams final race will be the Glacier Invitational at Rebecca Farm on October 13th. 

Good luck to all of our teams this week, and Let's GO WILDCATS!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Team Dinner Update for Friday 10/1

Hi Everyone, unfortunately the Beltz family needed to cancel team dinner at their wonderful home, so team dinner will be in the Art Room at the JH starting at 6PM. Athletes can stay at school if they want or need to.

Please bring whatever you like. It would be great if we could maybe sneak in a couple of small main dishes to share, but really whatever is easy!

Thank you!!!


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Polson Meet Info

Polson Meet
Saturday October 2nd
Polson Fairgrounds: 320 Regatta Rd, Polson, MT 59860

Bus leaves at: 9:00 AM

All participating athletes MUST be at the JH at 8:45 AM.
Due to COVID Restrictions by the SKC campus, the meet had to be moved.  The meet will be moved from the Pablo Silver Fox Golf Course to the Polson Fairgrounds.
Girls run at 12:00
Boys run at 12:30

Here is part of the email that I received from the race directors:
"Everyone should be aware that we moved the event from Silver Fox Golf Course to the Polson Fairgrounds 320 Regatta Rd, Polson, MT 59860 (west side of the river south of the bridge) due to large event COVID restrictions on the SKC campus.

Team buses will park at the far (south) end of the grandstand and cars will park at the near (north) end."
Team dinner will be on Friday at the Beltz family residence please refer to the post below for the location and time.
Thank you,
Your Coaches